I am using TexStudio but when I tried to compile my file with pdflatex I had the same issues. Only one of my figures is not displayed in the pdf file. All figures are .png. I have tried to switch to .pdf, but it doesn't make a difference. Then I moved the figure a section up, no difference.

Moving few sections up caused an error while compiling:"Undefined control sequence" on my \todo{ something } command. The weird part: it complains only for a few of the \todo commands after the included figure, not all of them, and the picture is displayed.

I'm not even sure what information to provide, because this could be a bug, a package issue and I'm not even sure if I can reproduce it with other files. I have tried to google this bahaviour without success, and hope that someone can help me.

EDIT: these are the error messages on one of the \todo commands

! Undefined control sequence. <argument> ...tally@float \expandafter {\@captype } l.225 ...hown in \todo{ add plot} . ?

! Missing \endcsname inserted. <to be read again> \ftype@ l.225 ...hown in \todo{ add plot} . ?

! Extra \endcsname. \tally@float ...ame ftype@#1\endcsname \endcsname \@ifnotrelax \@tempa {\@if... l.225 ...hown in \todo{ add plot} . ?

When the figure is at the right place, but not displayed, I can't find anything in the log files close to it's lines.

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    It's more likely to be an error in your file than a package bug. start by showing the full error message from the log from ! to ? Add it to a code section in the question, so that lines endings are preserved in the message. Mar 26, 2016 at 18:43

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It was a package issue, no idea why but commenting out the todonotes package solved everything.


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