I'm trying to put some maths to add some details to an equation. But if the line in the footnotetext is too long it does not show up correctly.

    a + b = C \text{\footnotemark}  \\

   \footnotetext{Reminder: obtain this by $F(45) = 1 \iff \frac{3}{100}*45 + b = 1  \iff b = -\frac{35}{100}$}

Do you have a way to write long maths expression in the footnote?

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    if youre using amsmath, it should be possible to use [ ... ]` to put a displayed equation in a footnote. and it's really not a great idea to launch a footnote from within a display; better to put it at the very end of the text that precedes the display. Commented Mar 26, 2016 at 19:39


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