When I go into the Enumerate environment in LyX, it generates item numbers, but they are much larger than I would like. Is there a way to specify the size of the item numbers?


Add to your Document > Settings... > LaTeX Preamble


The above will set the 1st level of the enumerate environment to print the label in \small font. You can change \small to something else, depending on the size you're after.

  • I copied/pasted your code into my LaTex preamble, but it had no effect. When I tried to put my doc into PDF I got a whole bunch of errors: "package fontec Error: Encoding file 'lgrenc.def' not found" "LaTex Error: This NFSS system isn't set up properly"; "corrupted NFSS tables". I'm a beginner at this, and really do not know what to do. – Betty Mock Mar 28 '16 at 2:35
  • I took all that code out of my preamble, but I am still getting the same errors and cannot convert to pdf. – Betty Mock Mar 28 '16 at 3:04
  • @BettyMock: Are you running MiKTeX or TeX Live with your LyX? – Werner Mar 28 '16 at 4:39
  • I don't know. I just installed the Ubuntu version from the software center, whatever that involves. I have determined that the problem is not in the preamble but in the enumerate environment itself. If I use it, I get those errors. How do I check whether I am running either of those packages? – Betty Mock Mar 28 '16 at 15:14
  • Well, it isn't the enumerate environment either. It was choking on a special symbol I brought in from Word. thanks for your help. – Betty Mock Mar 29 '16 at 2:35

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