I made a code in gnuplot that produces the outputfiles trykk.eps and trykk.tex And i have made the following latex code(see under).This works, but when i change the name of my gnuplot outputfiles to trykk1.eps and trykk1.tex and the latex code line to \resizebox{1.0\textwidth}{!}{\input{trykk1}} the latex code no longer works. It displays the x and y axis but the picture is gone


And i have no clue why. Can someone help me?

Latex files trykk.eps and trykk.tex

Using sharelatex.com if that makes any difference.



If you look at file trkyy.tex (line 114), it says


which means that it's not enough to change file name, but also its contents. Change this line (in trkyy1.tex) to put(0,0){\includegraphics{trykk1}}% and it will work again.

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