(Ubuntu 12.04)

I installed latexmk with sudo apt-get install latexmk and got version 4.24, which apparently dates back to 2011. It doesn't have some nice features like -aux-directory that I'd like.

I tried the latexmk website, and found newer versions, but none of them seem to have an installer or a deb file. Instead they have an INSTALL text file with directions to install. I know how to copy a perl script and a man file, but got lost with step 6: "Check whether the commands used by latexmk for executing latex etc are correct."

Is there any modern distribution of latexmk that knows how to automatically install itself?

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    You really want to use the latexmk which is appropriate for the version of TeX you have installed, I think, as newer versions may depend on newer features of TeX stuff. So the best is either to stick to your distro's packages or to install a TeX distribution from upstream, removing your distro's TeX Live from your system. I doubt there's a specific installer for this reason: there's no need and it would be potentially problematic in terms of incompatibilities. It is packaged by distributions of TeX and installed by them. No need to do it manually. – cfr Mar 30 '16 at 3:08

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