I am using the packages printwatermark and xwatermark to add a watermark in background this way:


If I compile just once, there is no problem. But If I re-compile without deleting auxiliary files previously generated (for example the toolchain Latex-Bibtex-Latex) then I get an additional watermark 'Draft' in background. But I did not define it anywhere in my file...

enter image description here

I tried to modify the way I define my watermark like:

\newwatermark[allpages,color=red!50,angle=45,scale=3,xpos=0,ypos=0, textmark=TEST]{}

for example, and to define it inside \begin{document} ... \end{document} but the problem is still there.

Does anybody already encountered this kind of problem?

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The problem is due to the fact that I was using the additional package


Removing this line solves the problem.

So if the packages printwatermark and xwatermark are used, the background package should not be.

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    Most of the time, trying to create a MWE leads to the solution without having to wait for an answer (-; Glad you answer your issue!
    – ebosi
    Mar 31, 2016 at 7:49

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