In LaTeX, you can use commands like \mathbb{C} (in amsfonts) or \mathds{C} (in mathds) to get blackboard bold letters. But how would I get them in plain TeX? I tried {\ds C} and it didn't work.


Just standard setup; the fonts are msbm10 and related ones.

\font\tenamsb=msbm10 \font\sevenamsb=msbm7 \font\fiveamsb=msbm5


${\bbb N}$ is the set of natural numbers.


enter image description here

Of course, for serious math typesetting you should use AMS-TeX

\input amstex

$\Bbb{N}$ is the set of natural numbers.


enter image description here


$ x \in {\fam\bbb Z} $


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