I am writing a paper using Springer LNCS format, which is incompatible with the package subcaption. It provides subfig package instead.

I wish to achieve the following format (3-by-2, refer each one, and each column, actually the picture below does not truely reflect my expectation. I'm expecting left (a),(b),(c) Fig1, right (a),(b),(c) Fig2):

enter image description here

And I need refer each subcap using \Cref{} in the cleveref package.

With subcaption package, I can use the following code to achieve my goal. Can anyone tell me how to achieve the same goal without using subcaption?



\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{MyPic1.jpg} &
\subcaption{\small{subcap 1}}\label{fig:subcap1}&
\subcaption{\small{subcap 2}}\label{fig:subcap2}\\
\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{MyPic3.jpg} &
\subcaption{\small{subcap 3}}\label{fig:subcap3}&
\subcaption{\small{subcap 4}}\label{fig:subcap4}\\
\subcaption{\small{subcap 5}}\label{fig:subcap5}&
\subcaption{\small{subcap 6}}\label{fig:subcap6}\\
\caption{leftPics}\label{fig:left} &
  • Since you wether gave a picture nor a compileable code, its hard to tell, what you want to achive. However, does Springer support subfigure, which also supports subcaptions? – JMP Apr 1 '16 at 0:20
  • I download "llncs2e.zip" from this (springer.com/computer/lncs/lncs+authors?SGWID=0-40209-0-0-0) website. When I type \usepakcage{subcaption}, it shows Package caption Error: The 'subcaption' package does not work correctly in compatibility mode. – user3813057 Apr 1 '16 at 3:19

So if I understood well your issue is that you have to use the subfig package instead of subcaption. Also you wanted a unique global caption instead of one caption per column, is that right?

Based on my understanding, here is the solution that I propose (I downloaded an image that I named test.png for the test purpose):

  • use the subfloat command from the subfig package;
  • don't forget to put one caption and one label per image, and another one for the global;
  • load the cleveref package after all other packages (it is one of the few that must be loaded AFTER hyperref);
  • the width that you force (200 pt) creates overfull \hbox warnings for me and makes you think that the image and the caption is not centered, so I used \fbox and another scale in the last images to show you that everything is well centered;
  • if you want something else than centered, just replace the \centering command.



\usepackage{subfig}                 % allowed
% \usepackage{subcaption,caption}   % not allowed


        \subfloat[Caption 1\label{subfig1}]{\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{test.png}}
        \subfloat[Caption 2\label{subfig2}]{\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{test.png}}

        \subfloat[Caption 3\label{subfig3}]{\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{test.png}}
        \subfloat[Caption 4\label{subfig4}]{\includegraphics[width=200pt,height=80pt]{test.png}}

        \subfloat[Caption 5\label{subfig5}]{\fbox{\includegraphics[width=100pt]{test.png}}}
        \subfloat[Caption 6\label{subfig6}]{\fbox{\includegraphics[width=100pt]{test.png}}}

        \caption{Global caption\label{globalfig}}

    This is a reference to \cref{subfig1} and this is a reference to \cref{globalfig}.



enter image description here

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