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How to look up a math symbol?

How do I express the opposite of convergence?

I would type $x\rightarrow 0$ to say that x converges to 0, but how can I make the crossed out \rightarrow appear


The amssymb package offers \nrightarrow:


  a_n \nrightarrow 0.

enter image description here

A similar symbol is also available using the same command with the MnSymbol and mathabx packages (mathabx changes the shape of many other symbols).

Whenever you need a symbol, you have two initial resources:

  1. You can look things up in the Comprehensive LaTeX symbols list.

  2. You can try Detexify, which allows you to draw the symbol and tries to recognize your drawing.


You could prefix \not to whatever symbol (e.g., \to) you select for "convergence", as in $x\not\to 0$. (\to is a synonym for \rightarrow...)

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