Lots of people are interested in this at different places, but I couldn't find a direct solution. One can use the template from here.

A part of it is answered here and a simple tweak would be to reduce the page width via geometry package as \geometry{left=1cm}

Changing indentation in friggeri CV template

But what I want is to issue this command only from the second page and so-forth, for the first page it should respect the default margins and whenever text flows to second page, its get wider to page width.

I am using \newpage to manually define which sections should go on to the second page, as side page is a waste on the second page.

Could someone help me on this? Have a good day!


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Thanks Steven for the hint and reference Emulating article class margins with the geometry package

pass is the key which keeps the original settings and also allows to create a new command with custom options.

I added pass parameter to the geometry package and after the \newpage and I did setup the custom margin via \newgeomtery command


Additional Tip: After custom margins, reduce the width between the two columns of the sections via \patchcmd{\entry}{11.8cm}{14.8cm}{}{}

Details : Changing indentation in friggeri CV template

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