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I'm trying to make an alphabetically ordered bibliography for my report. Currently I have:

\usepackage[ backend=biber, style=apa, sorting=ynt ]{biblatex}
    \title{How do we know what the inner structure of planet Earth is like?}
        \section{Introduction and Theoretical brackground} \cite{lehmann}

with my .bib file:

  author =   {Lehmann, I.},
  title =    {P'},
  journal =  {Publications du Bureau Central Sismologique International, Série A, Travaux Scientifique, 14},
  year =     1936,
  pages =    {87-115}

When I compile, the reference shows:

Lehmann, I. (yearmonthday). P'.Publications du Bu- reau Central Sismologique International, Série A, Travaux Scientifique, 14, 87-115.

How can I make it display just the year (1936), instead of (yearmonthday). I'm using the APA style because I want a comma between the author and the year in the references.

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If you add


(or whatever other language you want to declare)
as suggested here it works for me.

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