I would like to generate a pdf document by compiling a table using pdflatex. For that I checked this but the result there is a complete a4 page. is there a way to generate a pdf that has the size of the table. For example let's assume we have the following table saved in tab1.tex from here:

\caption{Last Job Summary Statistics}
                    &        Mean&          SD&         Min&         Max&Non-missing Obs\\
Held more than one job&        0.08&        0.28&           0&           1&        6010\\
Total hours from all jobs&       41.82&       12.55&           0&         150&        5089\\
Lost last job       &        0.78&        0.42&           0&           1&        6025\\
Quit last job       &        0.05&        0.21&           0&           1&        6025\\
Last job ended temporarily&        0.16&        0.36&           0&           1&        6025\\
Last job notice in weeks&        1.85&        5.60&           0&          97&        4959\\
Tenure (years) in last job&        4.65&        6.37&           0&          48&        5974\\
Received severance pay&        0.19&        0.39&           0&           1&        5959\\
Amount of severance pay&    26156.30&    75819.30&           1&     1000000&        1399\\
Expect to be recalled to last job&        0.14&        0.35&           0&           1&        5979\\
\multicolumn{6}{l}{\footnotesize Estimates weighted using sample weights}\\

compiling this with:

pdflatex '\documentclass{article}\begin{document}\input{tab1}\end{document}'

produces: enter image description here

what we would like to have is the trimmed pdf file containing only the table that would look like:

enter image description here

Does anybody have an idea of how to generate the pdf of a table like above?

  • have a look at the standalone class :) and for your decimal columns, have a look at siunitx – cmhughes Apr 6 '16 at 12:58

One additional step, but might be of interest anyway:

Add \pagestyle{empty} to the preamble, so you have

pdflatex '\documentclass{article}\pagestyle{empty}\begin{document}\input{tab1}\end{document}'

and then run

pdfcrop article.pdf

where article.pdf is the file made by pdflatex. This produces a file article-crop.pdf. pdfcrop is a command line tool included in TeX Live and MikTeX. Without arguments it will crop away the outer whitespace from a PDF.


try this


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