Hello. I would like to implement the Ferrer's graphs in the Wikipedia article above into LaTex. I have tried using arrays with \bullet but I can't seem to get more than two in a row to look decent. Also, how would I color one bullet red?

Could someone provide me an example of how to do the first Ferrer's graph so I can better understand the LaTex code? Thank you!

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Maybe this? Here I introduce \ferrer[<red dots at end>]{<total dots>}, which are to be placed, in math mode, inside a \ferrerstack{} (with \cr delimiters).

I have made it centered about the math axis, but one could make it baseline aligned by eliminating the \vcenter{\hbox{}}:

  \whiledo{\thefcount < #2}{%
    \ifnum\thefcount >\numexpr#2-#1\relax%
\mathcal{X} \leadsto \ferrerstack{%

enter image description here

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