the following code draws a bended between start and (4,4). I want to draw a further curve beginning from a point on that curve.

  \node at (0,0) (start) {};
  \node at (10,0) (end) {};
  \node at (4,4) (foo) {};

  \draw (start) [->, >=stealth', thick] to (end);
  \draw (start) [out=15, in=180, -, >=stealth', thick] to (foo);

How can I solve this?

What I'm actually looking for is something like

\draw "begin from 0.1 on the way of the curve from start to foo" [-] to (6,2);

How can I track points on the curve?

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You can use a coordinate and the pos option:

  \coordinate (start) at (0,0);
  \coordinate (end) at (10,0);
  \coordinate (foo) at (4,4);

  \draw[->, thick]  (start)to (end);
  \draw[-, thick] (start) to[out=15, in=180] coordinate[pos=0.3] (middle) (foo);
  \draw[red] (middle) -- (6,2);

pos specifies the fraction along the path that the coordinate should appear. Note that if you use the to path, the coordinate has to come between the to and the final coordinate that sets the end point of the path. See Page 157 of the PGF 3.0.1a manual.

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