I have a column vector multiplies by a row vector. I want to align the row vector with the first entry of the column vector.

I would appreciate any feedback.

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    It is highly appreciated that if you could come up with a minimum example showing where you got stuck. Oh, welcome to TeX.SX.
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This should work for simple vectors, but you may need \vphantom instead of \mathstrut for larger entries.



outer product

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For example like this:

  \vtop{\kern-\ht\strutbox\hbox{$\pmatrix{a\cr b\cr c}$}} \pmatrix{d & e & f}

I'm not sure it's a good idea, but here it is:



\begin{topbmatrix}{c} a\\b\\c \end{topbmatrix}
\begin{topbmatrix}{*{3}{c}} d&e&f \end{topbmatrix}


enter image description here

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