I am doing a Beamer presentation based on an article, so I do a lot of copy and paste from one document to another. Basically everything is working fine, but for some reason, the Icelandic special characters that I use in some examples and that come out fine in the article, just appear as black squares on the slides in the Beamer presentation, although I load the same packages in the preamble. Heres an example of the preamble and the relevant document commands:

\usepackage[backend=biber, style=authoryear-comp]{biblatex}




\frame {

\ex. \ag. Jón harmar að [Þessa bók] \textbf{skuli} ég hafa lesið.\label{4a} \\
Jon regrets that this book shall I have read.\\
``John is sorry that I'll read this book.''\\

\bg. Hann efast um að hun \textbf{hafa} [ekki] hitt Þennan mann.\label{4b} \\
He doubts about that she has not met this man.\\
``He doubts that she has not met this man.''\\




Any ideas why the charachters won't print in beamer when they do in the \documentclass{article}?


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Remove the aeguill package: it was an interesting hack several years ago, when Type1 versions of the European Modern fonts were not available. Now it should be regarded as obsolete.

Without \usepackage[cyr]{aeguill} I get (ignoring the two errors that are unrelated)

enter image description here

  • Thanks, that worked like a dream. Wonder why it only causes that problem in beamer, and not in articles...?
    – EspenJK
    Apr 9, 2016 at 12:13

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