I'm in trouble in finding the bibliography style matching my sense. I'm using the natbib package which style plainnat allows me to have nice name-year citations via \citet such as

Gabriel et al (1974)

However in the reference list at the end of my article I'd like to have the author names in small capital letters \textsc rather than small letters I currently get. To print the reference list I use at the end of the document


and compile with bibtex.

This is my .bib entry

 author = {Gabriel, P. and Banks, T. and Rutherford, M.},
 title = {The lamb lies down on Broadway},
 year = {1974},

I've of course tried to write

author = {\textsc{Gabriel}, P. and \textsc{Banks}, T. and \textsc{Rutherford}, M.},

but I get the small capitals in the citation as well which I don't like.

I hope these info are enough. Thank you for any working solution.


Using biblatex, just add this in your preamble:




You can modify similarly \mkbibnamegiven, \mkbibnameprefix and \mkbibnamesuffix.

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