I am writing a lemma in math which is the following using the italics parameter \textit but need to insert plain text that isn't italicized in the lemma. I can't just delete the \textit around my math lemma or else the lemma won't be in italics.

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    welcome to tex.sx. if you're using a theorem package, you can insert a segment \emph{...} which will ordinarily set roman within an italic context. you may have to adjust the intervening space a bit manually, depending on the particular wording, since the usual italic corrections don't work perfectly in this situation. (can't give a more precise answer since you don't say what document class or packages you're using.) – barbara beeton Apr 12 '16 at 2:23

You could just stop the command, then restart it.


\textit{Here is some itallic text,} some regular text, \textit{and more itallic text.}  


Would produce

enter image description here

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