I am trying to colour certain table cells in some siunitx S columns. The cell colour change with xcolor/colortbl works, but it seems to also change the cell contents to text-mode, which has unfortunate consequences when working with siunitx and negative numbers. The coloured cells have a short text-mode minus sign while the rest stay in maths-mode with the longer minus sign. I'm not sure how to fix it. Here is an MWE and table image:





    S[table-format = 0.2]
    S[table-format = -0.2]}
    {A}  & {B}   \\ \midrule
    0.26 & -0.38 \\
    0.18 & \blue -0.34 \\
    \blue 0.31 & -0.36 \\ \bottomrule

enter image description here

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It has to be \newcommand*{\blue}{{\cellcolor{blue!25}}} with an extra set of curly braces.

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    @LaRiFaRi Thanks, that works perfectly! An edit with the reason it works would be great though :)
    – drgibbon
    Apr 14, 2016 at 15:37

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