Like many people, I prefer KOMA Script classes scrbook, scrreprt and scrartcl over the original book, report and article. Lately I’ve been trying out a web service for collaborative writing, Authorea, which relies upon either Pandoc or LaTeXML for its LaTeX processing. The latter doesn’t seem to support scr* yet, blocking its support in Authorea.

What would be the easiest and best course of action to change that if I don’t know much about LaTeXML and KOMA Script internals myself?

PS: Support for biblatex (and biber) in Authorea is also not really there yet, for different reasons it seems.

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  • As I read the linked discussion, Authorea doesn't have much interest in supporting KOMA because it is not required by their target domain. I guess you'd need to look at the extensibility bit of the manual for LaTeXML, but your best bet might be to start an academic journal requiring KOMA. – cfr Apr 24 '16 at 12:59
  • The link authorea.com/issues/438 seem to be dead: Article with id 121541 does not exist. – Schweinebacke Apr 18 '17 at 10:36