I have a problem with the aux-file. According to some posts here on Tex-Exchange, the aux-file is read at the beginning of the document (is this at \begin{document} or \documentclass? I wanted to built a test document. For every run it should increase the number that it is printed on the paper.



%Don't overwrite \counti

%make counti raise by 1
\advance\counti by1

%write to aux-file
\write\@auxout{\counti= \the\counti}


The output is


This proves, that it reads the newcount from the aux-file. But unfortunately, the value stays 0. Actually it should raise by one by every run.

The aux-file says

\newcount \counti 
\counti = 1

after every run.

  • It's read before \begin{document} -- is this TeX count register stuff really necessary. Have a look on xassoccnt package and it's numberofruns counter
    – user31729
    Apr 17, 2016 at 20:50
  • 1
    @ChristianHupfer I want to write and read two numbers. The number of pages and a custom number. I need them at the beginning of the document. This document has been for tests, to see how things work. If this example works, the actual problem would be solved also. I could use a custom aux-file, but this seems a bit too much for just two numbers. Beside of that I'd like to learn more about Latex. Apr 17, 2016 at 20:55

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When LaTeX reads the .aux file, then it reads it inside a local group. \newcount assigns the count register globally, but the assignment \counti=... is local like LaTeX's \setlength but unlike LaTeX's \setcounter. Therefore the problem can be fixed by a global assignment:

\write\@auxout{\global\counti= \the\counti\relax}

(I have added \relax. Then TeX will not parse beyond to find digits.)

  • Thanks. The \relax makes sense, because of the \the, or doesn't it. Apr 17, 2016 at 21:12

Here is a more "latexy" way of doing this using Heiko's refcount package. The idea is to save the value of the counter to the auxfile, as a label, and then read it back in each time the file is compiled using \setcounterref.

The output of the MWE below takes the form:

enter image description here

where the value of the counter increments each time.



\AtEndDocument{% save counter value to aux file at end of document
\AfterEndPreamble{% set counter using value saved in aux file


Counter is \arabic{TestCounter}



I have automated this using \AtEndDocument and \AfterEndPreamble commands from the etoolbox package. (This is just for proof-of-concept. There are better ways of writing to the auxfile that avoid decrementing and then incrementing the counter.)

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