Based on Footnote Citation in Beamer I was able to produce a citation that is Authors, Journal Year. By I was hoping to fix two things in the example below to match the \footcite case:

1) I would like the color to be black

2) I would like the year to be in parenthesis


%Beamer Settings

%BIB File
author = "Appleton, W. and Anderson, Z. and Almeirim, P.",
title = "This is the title of this article, which as you can see, is very long and takes up too much space in the footnote.",
journal = "Journal of Interesting Things",
year = 2013}
author = "Burger, J.",
title = "The title of the Book is this",
publisher = "Public Publishing Publishers",
year = 2014

\usepackage[backend=bibtex,style=authortitle-dw,addyear=true]{biblatex} % For .bib references
\addbibresource{MWE.bib}  % The bibliography file


\begin{frame}{Example in Beamer}
        \item This is an example of text.\pause{}
        \item Here is the second text that contains a reference\footlessfullcite{ref1} in the middle of the sentence.\pause{}
        \item Here is another reference at the end of the sentence\footcite{ref2}.


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Based on the comment by @samcarter and the answer in Trying to understand the renewbibmacro and DeclareFieldFormat construct I got the effect I desired by adding the following lines after \newrobustcmd:

\setbeamercolor{bibliography entry author}{fg=black}
\setbeamercolor{bibliography entry title}{fg=black}
\setbeamercolor{bibliography entry note}{fg=black}

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