I am getting description key required in \newglossaryentry while compiling the example of this Question: How to combine Acronym and Glossary

I am useing MiKTeX and i compile it with this Script:

latex MyFile
makeindex -s -s "%bm.ist" -t "%bm.glg" -o "%bm.gls" "%bm.glo"
makeglossaries MyFile
latex MyFile
latex MyFile

SOLVED: i had to delete my old index files:

#Delete Litter
rm *.log
rm *.aux
rm *.out
rm *.toc
rm MyFile.ps
rm *.dvi
rm *.acn
rm *.bbl
rm *.blg
rm *.glo
rm *.ist
rm *.lof
rm *.lot
  • why do you call makeindex with options and then additionally the makeglossaries script? maybe this causes a conflict of some sort. I ran the very last example from my accepted question and get no warning or error (texlive 2010, kile) – Martin H Oct 5 '11 at 8:24
  • i now have solved it. i had to delete my litter. – Maximilian Ruta Oct 5 '11 at 8:49

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