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Using this example


\begin{letter}{Service des réclamations}
\opening{Madame, Monsieur,}

Built with

latexmk -pdf -xelatex

I get a pdf with is not A4, but letter perhaps. However I mentionned a4paper on the \documentclass option.

What did I miss ?


It seems I can get the correct pdf size with the following. So what should I include these two lines in addition to a4paper?


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    I get A4 with your MWE. This probably depends on the default paper size set for your TeX installation. Mine is A4 but yours may be US letter. The class is setting \paperwidth and \paperheight correctly given the a4paper option. The problem is that this does not set the output paper size correctly for the driver, I think, but only sets it correctly for the logical layout, so to speak. So you get A4 layout on US letter 'physical' paper. Admittedly, the physical paper is electronic in this case. And the class can't simply set this because it depends on the engine.... Load geometry ? – cfr Apr 19 '16 at 22:16

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