I’m using TeXLive 2015 and the scrreprt document class.

Is there a command like \thesubtitle to print the subtitle as defined by \subtitle{…}? I get an ‘undefined control sequence’ error on \thesubtitle when compiling the following (either with lualatex or pdflatex).



\thetitle, \thesubtitle

Here, \thetitle works as expected. Do I need to load a package to get \thesubtitle? Is there another command to do this?

(Can’t be the first one to run into this problem, but I couldn’t find anything in the last five minutes on the web.)

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The "content" of \title and \subtitle is stored in the "internal" commands \@title and \@subtitle. To use them (not using \maketitle or similar command) in the document, you have to use \makeatletter (and \makeatother)



\makeatletter\@title, \@subtitle\makeatother

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