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I use the beamer class with the cmbright package which provides sans serif Greek and Latin letters for the math mode and also sans serif-ish versions of math symbols such as \partial. Unfortunately, it does not seem to provide upright versions of the lower-case Greek letters. I know the upgreek package, but the letters it provides have a serif-ish look about them which does not combine nicely with cmbright.

Here is what I mean:




Result (pdflatex):

Maybe someone knows a solution? Ideally, there should also be a way to get a bold version of the letters. Thanks a lot!

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    Maybe using the mathastex package: it allows to use any text font for maths, and to specify if Greek letters are upshape or italic. Other possibility: use the MyriadPro package, based on the eponymous font which comes with Acrobat Reader. – Bernard Apr 23 '16 at 12:05
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