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My question is the same as this one.

Since the solution there demands a lot of adjustments and computations, I'd like to know if there is some new tool with a more powerful and simpler solution. Maybe some new tikz feature.

Also, one of solutions is not exactly two arrows but a single double arrow.

I'd like to move the arrows to get them parallels.


 togo/.style={-to,line width=.4pt},
 tocome/.style={to-,line width=.4pt},
\node (A) at (0,0) {$A$};
\node (B) at (2,3) {$B$};
\draw[togo] (A) -- (B);
\draw[tocome] (A) -- (B);

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No new tool, maybe (in the best) a new approach how to use existing ones for your MWE ...


shorten <>/.style = {shorten <=#1,shorten >=#1},
      togo/.style = {-to,line width=.4pt,shorten <>=#1},
\node (A) at (0,0) {$A$};
\node (B) at (2,3) {$B$};
\draw[togo=2mm] ($(A)!0.5mm!+90:(B)$)  edge ($(B)!0.5mm!-90:(A)$)
                ($(B)!0.5mm!+90:(A)$)   to  ($(A)!0.5mm!-90:(B)$);


enter image description here

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