Following my previous post concerning the change of numbering in footnote to temporally be alphabetical, I'm trying to merge this with the possibility to refer various time to the same footnote as described here. I tried this :

       %---alpha footnotes


   %---refer to same footnote more than ounce




But the new \footlabel command inside the newly defined environment seems to enter in conflict ( missing number ... treated as zero )? Any help?

Another part of my question would be redefining the style of the footnote numbering (that is: obtain italic, alphabetical "numbering" of the footnote)

The third and final question is: Is there a package managing all theses footnotes tunings?


The simplest way to refer to a previously written footnote is to define


and put a \label command in the footnote with multiple calls:

text\footnote{The footnote text\label{somelabel}} and again
the same footnote number\footnoteref{somelabel}

If you want italic letters, just change the code in the definition of alphafootnotes: instead of




Consider the bigfoot or manyfoot packages for multiple footnote sets.

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