(New to LaTeX) I am recreating a Microsoft Word document in LaTeX and need a list of abbreviations in a table. I am using the nomencl package because I like the way I can put entries into the nomenclature as I use them. Is there a way to put the nomenclature (with the \printnomenclature) in a table instead of standalone, or another way I can get the desired layout.

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    Using glossaries seems easier here, in my point of view. Welcome to TeX.SX! – user31729 Apr 26 '16 at 11:53

The question is unclear, so I just put the nomenclature in a longtable, however, this requires some more setup (i.e. getting rid off some features.)

Using glossaries and making a new glossary would be much easier and configurable at all!!!!




}{}{\typeout{Patch success!}}{\typeout{Patch failure!}}





\huge\bfseries \nomname  \tabularnewline


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