I have several different computers that I work from; local workstations, remote servers, home personal machines, etc. How do you maintain some semblance of software version control across them so that a LaTeX document created on one machine can be compiled on another? For general programming, there are ways to isolate the programming environment so that packages, libraries, etc., are more portable (e.g. pyenv for Python); is there something like this for LaTeX?


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  1. Install the full current TeXLive from www.tug.org on every machine.
  2. Put your local texmf tree in a Git repository and clone it from remote.

For #2, create ~/texmf/tex/latex/local and ~/texmf/bibtex/bib. Create a git repository in ~/texmf. Put all your .sty, .cls, and even just .tex customization files in the local directory, and keep your bibliographies, or even just one master bibliography, in the bib directory.

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