Is there any way to set a default preamble in TeXworks? So, when I open the program for a new document, can I set it to automatically have something written there; mainly I'm thinking of the pre-amble but since I currently almost exclusively use TeXworks for university coursework, so I'd maybe put in a bit of other text too. Anyway, is this possible / easy to do?

  • You can create a template and use Open from template. – Ignasi Apr 29 '16 at 6:37

Under your user texworks folder you'll find a templates folder. Create a .tex document with whatever content you want and save it there.

every time you want tu create a new document based in this template, open TeXworks and use File menu option Open from template. Your saved template will be there. Work with it and save your new document in your documents folder.

With MikTeX TeXworks (windows 10), I've found templates folder in Users/<user name>/AppData/Local/MikTeX/2.9/TeXworks/0.4/templates

With my local TeXwors (windows 10), template's folder is under Users/<user name>/TeXworks/templates

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