I'm trying to "hide" and answer by rotating it 180 degrees.

Using \rotatebox works fine if I have a short answer:

\rotatebox{180}{The answer is $\pi$}

However, if I want to put a \begin{equation}...\end{equation} or maybe rotate a whole paragraph I get errors:

\sin^2+\cos^2 = 1 

} gives: ERROR: Missing $ inserted.





gives: ERROR: Paragraph ended before \Grot@box@std was complete.

Is there a better command to be using? or a way to make \rotatebox work for these cases?

PS. I tried using the turn environment of rotating, but while it compiled, it didn't give the desired outcome.

PPS. I tried using the packages listed in this question....to no avail.

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You could use a \vbox (or a \parbox or a minipage) to box the equation:


\sin^2+\cos^2 = 1


enter image description here


You can use the adjustbox package for this:

  % ...

It also support verbatim or other complex content.

  • that minibox was key. I didn't realize I need to use that. Thanks. Oct 6, 2011 at 19:14

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