I am having a similar issue to a prior forum (\includemedia does not play video but remains blank).

I would like to have a video in my pdf that plays when you click on it. When the video is not playing it should show a figure. When I compile my pdf I do get a figure that I can click on, but it turns blank when I click on it, and no video plays. I don't get any errors either. This is my code:


\includemedia[activate=pageopen, width=1.0\textwidth, addresource=./Videos/myVideoH.mp4, flashvars={source=./Videos/myVideoH.mp4}]{\includegraphics{./pathCB.png}}{VPlayer9.swf} 

I believe I took into account all the suggestions mentioned in the prior forum. For instance, I have the same issue whether I use {VPlayer9.swf} or {VPlayer.swf}. Moreover, I downloaded a new .mp4 file that was listed as codec h.264, and the problem persisted. Finally, I converted the .mp4 file to .flv, and still the problem persisted.

In all these cases, upon running pdflatex, I received no error to produce the .pdf file, and the image showed up with a play button superimposed, but I could not click on the image and begin the video.

Along the same lines, I am using a stock video now to get the general syntax working. However, I would ultimately like to record my own video and use that instead. So, if this problem is because of pickiness of the format of the video being used, I would simultaneously be very grateful to hear any advice about how I should record my video to keep the syntax working.

(I am using OS X 10.9.5.)

Thank you for any of your advice!

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    Did you try appending &autoPlay=true to the flashvars option, rather than activate=pageopen? – A Feldman Apr 30 '16 at 4:33
  • @AFeldman Thank you! I had also tried that! I tried it again, so my syntax looks like (\includemedia[width=1.0\textwidth, addresource=./Videos/myVideoH.mp4, flashvars={&autoPlay=true, source=./Videos/myVideoH.mp4}]{\includegraphics{./pathCB.png}}{VPlayer9.swf}). I still have the same problem. No error message, picture is there, but movie will not play. – luckButtered Apr 30 '16 at 4:43
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    Looks like you pre-pended &autoPlay=true instead of appending it. I don't know if that would make a difference. – A Feldman Apr 30 '16 at 4:47
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    The PDF must be opened in Acrobat Reader (Apple Preview or how it is called is not enough) and you also need Adobe Flash Player. – AlexG Apr 30 '16 at 15:13
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    Maybe a good idea. Tell them to use a recent (version >= 9) Acrobat Reader on Windows or Max OS X. On mobile devices though, the videos don't play, unfortunately. – AlexG May 1 '16 at 7:04

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