So I am using hyperref to generate pdf bookmarks but one of my section names uses greek letters, which disappears in the pdf bookmark. So I want to override that bookmark (and only that bookmark).



\section{Theorem of $\alpha$ something}

I want the section title to still appear as greek letter in the toc and body, but redefine the bookmark to Theorem of alpha something. Using

\currentpdfbookmark{\thesection\ Theorem of alpha something}{}

simply creates another bookmark, not replace the existing one


Greek letters can also be used in bookmarks:

  • Unicode encoding is needed, because the 8-bit PDFDocEncoding does not contain all letter and symbols. This can be achieved by option unicode or pdfencoding=auto.

  • Option psdextra redefines lots of math symbol commands to work within bookmarks.



\section{Theorem of $\alpha$ something}

An alternative is the use of \texorpdfstring. The first argument is the normal text, the second the replacement for the bookmarks:

\section{Theorem of \texorpdfstring{$\alpha$}{\textalpha}}

This gets also rid of the warnings about the dollars, which enable and disable math mode – bookmarks do not know about TeX's math mode.

  • Thanks, that is quick. And I totally dodged the XY problem.
    – TwiNight
    Apr 30 '16 at 23:17

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