Is there a way to remove the $$ or \[ \] from the latex copy and paste settings on mathtype.

The reason that I need this is I use a series of uncover lines in my beamer presentation within an align environment, e.g.

    \uncover<+->{\ddot x}   &   \uncover<.->{=\frac{{dv}}{{dt}}} \\
    \uncover<+->{WOULD PASTE MATHTYPE IN HERE}  &   \uncover<.->{=} \\

It is therefore much more convenient to be able to past in the latex maths equations without having to remove the $$ etc.

Any ideas? Is there an 'equation for application or website' that does this?

  • i've removed the [align] tag because this applies to all math display code. – barbara beeton Jun 4 '16 at 22:28

Hint: This solution works with texstudio and maybe texmaker. For others there maybe alternative solution. You can copy and paste and then remove $ $ using an script. The following script does that

var txt = cursor.selectedText()
var str = txt.replace(/[$]/g,"")

Also, it may be helpful to assign a shortcut to this macro

  • Also you can use Lyx instead of Mathtype and configure it's shortcuts to work like the mathtype or just type with its shortcuts (very similar to mathtype). – Hamid Jul 23 '16 at 10:08

Mathtype provides a mechanism for writing new custom output translators. This mechanism is used to implement the translators shipped with Mathtype, and you can use it to write new/custom ones of your own that will plug in directly. Writing a complete translator is quite a bit of work (I've written one myself), but taking an existing one and adapting it a bit shouldn't be too laborious. It's basically just a big list of text-replacement rules. You'll need to get the MathType SDK.

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