I would like to clone this box used on the tcolorbox manual, but I couldn't find the configuration in the manual.

Tcolorbox tip

Can you help me?

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  • It's in the documentation source only. Look for marker -- I explicitly asked the package author however, for permission to use the code! – user31729 May 2 '16 at 12:14
  • You're more likely to get a helpful answer by supplying some initial code-frame and showing the work you already put into it. – sheß May 2 '16 at 12:18

The code box is called marker and can be found in tcolorbox.doc.s_main.sty, i.e. the documentation source of tcolorbox manual.

The marker environment is made with \newtcolorbox and has an optional argument to allow further customization.

The corner is made with some underlay using TikZ.

Side note: I am using the marker environment in the documentation of personal packages after I have asked Thomas F. Sturm for permission. I think this will be granted to everyone given that there is some remark about Thomas' contribution.



  before skip=2mm,after skip=3mm,
  sharp corners,rounded corners=southeast,arc is angular,arc=3mm,
    \path[fill=tcbcol@back!80!black] ([yshift=3mm]interior.south east)--++(-0.4,-0.1)--++(0.1,-0.2);
    \path[draw=tcbcol@frame,shorten <=-0.05mm,shorten >=-0.05mm] ([yshift=3mm]interior.south east)--++(-0.4,-0.1)--++(0.1,-0.2);
    \path[fill=yellow!50!black,draw=none] (interior.south west) rectangle node[white]{\Huge\bfseries !} ([xshift=4mm]interior.north west);
  drop fuzzy shadow,#1}


enter image description here

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