I write a template latex file for students. In this file, I use \lipsum commands as place holders for section. Below you will see a not-absolutely-minimal example, but a quite trimmed version of the template. The request is for some magic that would make each \lipsum generate a different paragraph

\title{My First Article} 
\author{First Last\\
    Department of Computer Science\\
    Technion---Israel Institute of Technology\\

% Only one of the following lines should be uncommented:
% \documentclass[10pt,twocolumn]{article} % Uncomment this line for 10pt/double column
  \documentclass{article}                 % Uncomment this line for 12t/single column




    \normalsize \rmfamily\scshape\bfseries
      Thou Mortal, Be Warned. \newline
      Thou Shallt Not Remove \newline
      This Commandment \newline
      While There Are Signs of Haste \newline
      in This Document!!!!\newline


Something short: \lipsum



\paragraph{Outline} \lipsum


Use a counter and generate \lipsum[<value>-<value+y>], where y is one less than the number of paragraphs you want.



% change to the number of paragraphs you want;
% the number of generated paragraphs is \yomany+1
\newcommand{\yomany}{2} % can be 0


\section{Three pars}


\section{Three pars}


\section{Three pars}



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