In a Beamer presentation, instead of using appendix slides I find it sometimes useful to keep certain slides as part of the flow, but throw in a visual "earmark".

I wonder how to create a small command that if contained in a slide would add a semi-transparent triangle in the corner, like below:


I provide \earmark in the manner requested.

To elaborate, I use the atbegshi package to allow things to be added at page shipout. I create the \atxy{<x>}{<y>}{<content>} macro for placing these shipout items in the foreground at the specified (x,y) location. Finally, I define \earmark to place a transparent triangle at (x,y) = (0pt, \paperheight) using \atxy.

I apologize that my brute force tikz transparent triangle is a result of my poor tikz knowledge.

  \node[outer sep=0.46in] (earmark) {};
  \draw[blue!40, fill, opacity=0.25] (earmark.south west) -- (earmark.south east) -- 
    (earmark.north west)-- (earmark.south west);
\begin{frame}{title of the slide}
blah blah\par
blah blah\par
And here we test opacity
\begin{frame}{next slide}
There is no earmark here

enter image description here

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