I'm preparing a SIGCHI publication and trying to use their document class file (posted here), but whenever I try to compile my document I get the following error:

./test.tex:18: Undefined control sequence. 
<argument> ... single spaced. \newline \textcolor 
{red}{Every submission wil...
l.18 \maketitle

I've provided a dummy document below. I've put \maketitle in the proper location and included all the necessary arguments (title and author), so I'm not sure what's going on.

\pagenumbering{arabic}  % Arabic page numbers for submission.  Remove this line to eliminate page numbers for the camera ready copy
\title{The Title}
   \alignauthor Author 1
   \alignauthor Author 2

\abstract{This is the abstract}
\keywords{Put author keywords here}
\classification{The ACM Classification keywords here.}

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    \textcolor is defined by the color package, if the class hasn't loaded it you could add \usepackage{color} – David Carlisle May 6 '16 at 17:53

As David pointed out, the style file requires the color package. Once I added \usepackage{color} to the preamble, \maketitle worked fine.

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