I would like to draw two matrices side by side, and use an arrow to connect them. Does anyone know how to specify the exact location of these two matrices?

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    You'd better add some sketch of your code or at least (photo) picture showing your idea.
    – Olga K
    May 6 '16 at 19:45

A matrix is just a special type of node, and the same syntax applies. You can use for example explicit coordinates, or the positioning library.

\matrix (m1) at (0,0) { \node{a}; \\ \node{b}; \\};
\matrix (m2) at (4,0) { \node{c}; \\ \node{d}; \\};
\matrix (m3) [below=of m1] { \node{e}; \\ \node{f}; \\};

\draw [->] (m1) -- (m2);
\draw [->] (m1) -- (m3);

enter image description here


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