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\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}                   % replace by the encoding you are using
\familyname{Dopazo Souto}
\title{\Large{Carpinteiro\newline{}\newline{}Wood worker}}
\address{Rúa dabaixo}{36.000, Pontevedra}    % optional, remove the line if not wanted
\mobile{649.45.74.35}                    % optional, remove the line if not wanted                     % optional, remove the line if not wanted
%MICHI%\fax{fax (optional)}                          % optional, remove the line if not wanted
\email{[email protected]}
\extrainfo{Data de nacemento: 2 de Xaneiro de 1.492}

\newgeometry{top=1.25cm, bottom=1.25cm,right=1.61cm, left=1.61cm}% inner=1cm, outer=0.618\textwidth

\section{Formación Académica}
\cventry{2015}{Carpinteria de arriba.}{}{}{\newline{}\scriptsize{Up's wood factory.}}{}{}{}
\cventry{2009--2014}{Carpinteria de abaixo}{}{}{\newline{}\scriptsize{Down wood factory. Galicia.}}{}{}{}

\cventry{2015}{Carpinteria de arriba.}{}{}{\newline{}\scriptsize{Up's wood factory.}}{}{}{}

%% end of file `template_en.tex'.

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Some generic suggestions:

  • Instead of using \firstname{\Huge{..}}, redefine \namefont:


    Note also that \Huge is a font switch, not a macro, so the usage would typically be {\Huge ..} rather than \Huge{..}.

  • Similarly, update \titlefont instead of setting the title font in the title:

  • For the red spaces:

    • Update the \namestyle macro which sets the name. You can append a \vspace using etoolbox (already loaded by moderncv):

    • The gap between the \title entries can be obtained using \\[<len>]. However, since the \title also ends up as part of the PDF properties (since hyperref is at play), warnings will be issued if used as-is. So, instead do

      \title{Carpinteiro \texorpdfstring{\\[<len>]}{/} Wood worker}

      This should help TeX discern between content supposed to be set in the resulting PDF, or as part of the PDF properties. Within the latter, a / will separate Carpinteiro from Wood worker.

  • For the green spaces:

    These are set between \sections. So let's see what the \section macro looks like under your \moderncvstyle; moderncvbodyi.sty:

      \phantomsection{}% reset the anchor for hyperrefs
      \par\nobreak\addvspace{1ex}\@afterheading}% to avoid a pagebreak after the heading

    Every \section is started by adding some vertical space up to 2.5ex. You can change this value to suit your by copying the above redefinition and updating the length 2.5ex (placing \makeatletter...\makeatother around your new redefinition).

  • For the purple/pink spaces:

    These spaces are also inserted by the \section command. Specifically, the last \addvspace that inserts 1ex. Change this to suit your needs as well, together with the above redefinition.


To modify the first ones, the option is simply: vspace{}

\familyname{Do Campo\vspace{-0.24cm}}

To modify the other distances?

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