I downloaded the cleanthesis template and run LaTeX on thesis-example.tex. The bibliography is printed according to the alphabetical order of author's names. However, I don't want any type of sorting. I want the references to appear in the order I cited them in my LaTeX file. I have tried using unsrt and sorting=none, but none of these worked.

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    Welcome, the loading of some packages is done in a not so nice way. Setting up a good template is hard, because users always do stuff an author could never foresee. Add right before loading \input{my-thesis-setup}: \PassOptionsToPackage{sorting=none}{biblatex}. Of course, you need to set bibstyle=numeric, as well.
    – Johannes_B
    May 9, 2016 at 16:53
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cleanthesis already loads package biblatex for you. In order to have no sorting at all, which means the references are printed in the order they are cited, you have to add \PassOptionsToPackage{sorting=none}{biblatex} right before you load package cleanthesis.
Alternatively, use \ExecuteBibliographyOptions{sorting=none} after loading package cleanthesis.

Advice: Do this only with numerical bibliography styles. It is pointless with an alphabetical style.

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