I am using fancytikzposter to generate a poster for a conference, I have three columns where the last block node of the first is continued in the second column.

Is their anyway to define a block node that does not have a title section?

I've probably missed something simple but this has been driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance.

Minimal working example:




\usepackage[margin=\margin cm, paperwidth=84.1cm, paperheight=118.9cm]{geometry}

\title{A pretty poster \\ 
\author{A very fustrated latex user$^{1,*}$


\noindent % to have the picture right in the center



\blocknode{Data \& Methods}{

%%%%%%%%%%%%% NEW COLUMN %%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 

What I really want is that little blue lip at the tip where the title is to go away.

  • At the fancytikzposter homepage you'll find: NOTE that we joined our efforts with the tikzposter team, which resulted in an improved version 2.0 of the tikzposter class that you can find in ctan.org/pkg/tikzposter. This class combines both good structure and nice layouts. The official webpage of our project is bitbucket.org/surmann/tikzposter/wiki. I am not going to maintain this style. Probably it is a good idea to switch to tikzposter.
    – JMP
    May 9, 2016 at 18:53
  • Thanks very much for the comment, I happened to have a pre made poster in the old style so I though I could just use that but seeing that its no longer supported I better get with the times :) Thanks
    – David
    May 18, 2016 at 15:03

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As JMP says in the comment, the tikzposter class has taken the place of the fancytikzposter package. Using the class, blocks with empty titles doesn't get the title "area" in the block by default, so no extra work is needed.

enter image description here

\author{A not so frustrated user}
\title{A pretty enough poster I hope}

  • Ah cheers, that's perfect! Ill port my current poster and just use tikzposter from now on. Thanks again!
    – David
    May 18, 2016 at 15:04

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