I'm trying to implement a title page for a book-like document with memoir. It has some specific dimension requirements measured from the page edge, for example “place the upper edge of the title text 2.5 inches from the upper page edge”, and “author name 3 inches from the bottom page edge”.

My strategy so far is to remove all kinds of margins from the title page, including left/right margin and top/bottom space, and place a bunch of boxes/glues. How can I remove all kinds of margins just for the title page?

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The key here is using the pass feature of the geometry package that will preserve the underlying page setup of the memoir document class, while providing access to geometry routines. Thus, I save the memoir page setup initially using a \savegeometry. I then create a \newgeometry with no margins and do what needs to be done on that page. Finally, I restore the original memoir geometry that was saved, with a \loadgeometry.


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