I know the difference between \ref and \autoref, yet I don't know the exact meaning of \autoref*.

I think that I've read about it some time ago and that it has something to do with the link type in the output file, yet I was not able to verify this guess.

So: What is the difference between \autoref and \autoref*?

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According to pp. 17f. of the user guide of the hyperref package, the "starred" forms of the macros that create cross-reference call-outs -- \ref*, \pageref*, \autoref*, and \autopageref* -- are "[f]or instances where you want a reference to use the correct counter, but not to create a link" [emphasis added]

Thus, \autoref and \autoref* both create a cross-reference call-out, but the latter call-out isn't made into a hyperlink.

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