I recently switched from Google Docs to LaTeX and I've written half of my Thesis in Goolge Docs. The problem is that I c&p-ed the Text to my LaTeX editor and now the double quotation marks (") are doing weird stuff.

Can you help me with a regex function to transform this pattern "word" into \enquote{word}, so I can exchange this quickly?

\"\($*\)\" => \\enquote{\$\} 

This somehow doesn't work.

Or is it even possible that there's a config for doing that and I can keep writing the standard quotation marks (")?

PS: I'm using the sharelatex.com editor

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    I wouldn't use l3regex for this I'd use your editor, typically the syntax would be something like "\([^"]*)" --> \\enquote{\1} although systems differ some need \( rather than ( and some use $1 rather than \1 to reference the group. – David Carlisle May 10 '16 at 9:06

Thanks to David I got the solution:

([^"]*)" ->  \enquote{\$1} 

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