I'm working with tcolorbox package, and i'm trying to replicate this

when I compile and no use it, runs without error, but when I'm trying to use it, it fails.

My code is something like this:

%% this code comes from tColorbox Documentation Section 10.2.3 Page 153
before skip=2mm,after skip=2mm,
attach boxed title to top left =
    varwidth boxed title*=-3cm,
    boxed title style={frame code={
                            ([yshift=-1mm,xshift=-1mm]frame.north west)  
                            arc[start angle=0,end angle=180,radius=1mm]
                            ([yshift=-1mm,xshift=1mm]frame.north east)
                            arc[start angle=180,end angle=0,radius=1mm];
                        \path[left color=tcbcol@back!60!black,right color = tcbcol@back!60!black,
                            middle color = tcbcol@back!80!black]
                            ([xshift=-2mm]frame.north west) -- ([xshift=2mm]frame.north east)
                            [rounded corners=1mm]-- ([xshift=1mm,yshift=-1mm]frame.north east) 
                            -- (frame.south east) -- (frame.south west)
                            -- ([xshift=-1mm,yshift=-1mm]frame.north west)
                            [sharp corners]-- cycle;
                            },interior engine=empty,


\begin{BoxRafa}[colbacktitle = green]{Title Box}
    Some text ...
\end{BoxRafa} %% This is line 90


And send this error:

Does any one know what I'm doing wrong???
I'm using ShareLatex, do I need to add another .cls or .sty??

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    Where do we get beamerrafa? If I use beamer class and add \usepackage{tcolorbox}, it does work – user31729 May 10 '16 at 18:19
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    Bredelebeamer is also not available for me, the ShareLaTeX information is also not really useful – user31729 May 10 '16 at 18:39
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    I googled for this Bredelebeamer thing and with the version from git.framasoft.org/Framatophe/BredeleDiapo/tree/master your MWE compiles without errors. – user36296 May 11 '16 at 10:21
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    Compiling the MWE locally with texlive2015 works fine, but I can confirm that it does not work on sharelatex. – user36296 May 11 '16 at 15:44
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    ShareLaTeX has a reasonably new version of texlive installed, it gets updated every few months. If you are using an old project it might be linked to an older version of tex live. Otherwise you can include the .cls and .sty files manually for the moment. – henry.oswald May 17 '16 at 16:38

This is a version problem of your project. Sharelatex seems to choose the tex version based on when you created your project - meaning that existing projects will not automatically be updated to the current version.

At the time this question was asked, I created a project on Sharelatex which confirmed the error: https://de.sharelatex.com/project/5733508c3cc17735563bcf58 As seen from the log files, it was using texlive2015.

Today I tried again with a new project (https://de.sharelatex.com/project/594404eb58cdd50519fe7002) and it works fine, while the old project still exhibits the error. From the log files, the new project is now using texlive2016.

enter image description here

  • Thanks @samcarter, I've been dealing with this for months because i always use ShareLatex and at this case i had to use a desktop version. So, should i create another project? to compile without error. Or is any other way force to use another Tex version? – Rafa Barragan Jun 16 '17 at 19:26
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    @RafaBG Creating a new project might be easiest. Download your old as .zip file, create a new project and upload the .zip file. – user36296 Jun 16 '17 at 19:31

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