How do I create a graph multiple Y axes(more than 2) stacked one over the other with a common X axis?

Graph with multiple y axis

See attached figure. Each zero in y direction represents the beginning of new y axis.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! Take a look at the groupplots library for pgfplots, that is useful for such things. – Torbjørn T. May 11 '16 at 9:32

A quick example with groupplots.

 group style={
  group size=1 by 4,  % sets number of columns and rows in groupplot array
  vertical sep=0pt,   % vertical distance between axes
 axis y line=left, % y axis line on left side only
 xmin=0,xmax=10,   % set axis
 ymin=0,           % limits
 domain=1:9,       % domain, just for example
 width=10cm,       % width
 height=3cm,       % and height for each axis
 scale only axis,  % disregard labels and ticks for scaling
 no markers, 
 enlarge y limits=upper,

    ylabel style={at={(rel axis cs:0,1)},above,rotate=-90}, %move ylabel a bit
    axis x line=none] % remove x-axis lines

\nextgroupplot[axis x line=none]
 \addplot{-x + 10}; 

\nextgroupplot[axis x line=none]

    axis x line=bottom, % only x axis line at bottom
    xlabel style={at={(rel axis cs:1,0)},right}]
 \addplot+[samples=200] {abs(sin(x*180/pi))}; 


enter image description here

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