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How can I force a line break within \text{…}?

In the MWE below, is it possible to force a line break in the text under the Z so that the overall equation is more compact in the horizontal direction? I tried a normal linebreak, which I hoped would work since it's inside a \text, but that gave me errors.

Also, if there's a better way to make this sort of equation callout, please let me know. \underbrace and underset and variants thereon are the only methods I'm familiar with at present.

The Cauchy-Schwartz equation below from the Navier-Stokes Wiki article shows the kind of line breaks I was hoping to get in the underbrace.


        \underbrace{z}_{\text{Initial Acceleration}} = x + y

Underbrace linebreaks:

Equations with underbrace linebreaks

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See chapter 7.5.4 on pp 129f. in http://tug.org/~hvoss for a better vertical alignment.

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  • Link is updated ... – user2478 Aug 19 '17 at 6:27

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