The following does not work (MikTeX):


I get:

Font \apl=cmapl10 not loadable: Bad metric (TFM) file \def
I can't find file `versatim' \input versatim

How can I get the symbols in the APL package to work? The symbols are listed ok in the Latex Comprehensive Symbol List.


The versatim.tex file was put by error in  doc\latex\apl\. Move it to \tex\latex\apl\.

As to the problem of the metric file, you can create a new one with the following command line:

  mf \mode=localfont ; input cmapl10

This produces 3 files: cmapl10.log, cmapl.600gf and cmapl10.tfm. Delete the first two and move the tfm file into \fonts\tfm\public\apl.

Finally, refresh the FNDB.

enter image description here

  • I reported this bug. – kaba May 16 '16 at 9:11

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